Flint Fire Dept. rescues 3 from Mothers Day fire

A day for celebration and thanks interrupted by an emergency.

"There were still two women and a baby on the third floor and they pulled them out of the window," said Centerview Apartment resident Shelia Panigi.

When fire alarms rang around 9AM Shelia Panigi knew she had to get out.

"Smoke was so bad you could barley breathe going outside," said Panigi.

Panigi says other Centerview Apartment residents joined her outside.

"Of course most of us are in our pj's and itâ??s pretty cold," said Panigi.

In need of shelter and warmth the Flint Police Department acted.

"Police officer came over and check, said that can they? And I said bring them on that's what we are wanting to do," said pastor frank beck from Flint First Wesleyan Church.

Among the church were local business owners who sprang into action.

"Thereâ??s mothers over there, they probably have kids they werenâ??t planning on doing this today, they werenâ??t planning on not having their home to be in," said bobâ??s pizza owner Andrea Villarreal.

The owners of bob's pizza on center road opened their doors to help. One giant pizza at a time.

"Iâ??ve got four kids of my own, I would want somebody to help me out if I was in that situation, so it makes me feel good," said Villarreal.

No serious injuries are reported; however, the sting of this Motherâ??s Day will linger.

"What a shock on Motherâ??s Day. Some lady said this, we wonâ??t forget this Motherâ??s Day," said beck.

Arson investigators were on scene. No word on what caused the fire at this time.