Flint firefighters appeal to public after busy night

Flint firefighters worked through the night Wednesday to put out several fires across the city, the night after the new fire chief called for a crackdown on arson and more community involvement. Most of the fires appear to be arson.

â??We're just going from one fire to another fire,â?? Battalion Chief Dorian Green said.

Green and his men responded to eight fires, several of them at vacant homes and one at Flying Wheels Motorcycle Club on Franklin Avenue.

Kendra Escue, who called 911 when she say the fire at Flying Wheels, said, "I feel really sad that I have to live in a town that I have to be afraid to go outside."

Fire officials say no one was hurt, but they have stern words for suspected arsonists

â??Stop, please. We don't need any more additional work just for people getting their thrills,â?? Green said.

Crews were called in from Burton and Mt. Morris and Genesee Townships to help Flint firefighters.

Meanwhile, neighbors are shaking their heads.

â??Seems like every time I turn around I see a house burning down here and there, it just goes on and on and on,â?? Corey Anderson said.

Two weeks before Devil's Night, fire officials are renewing a familiar plea, asking the public to help stamp out the flames.

â??You're putting your neighbors lives at risk and you're also putting firefighters live at risk,â?? Green said.

Fire Chief David Cox Jr. is hoping the anonymous arson tip line will provide some incentive for reporting arsons.

That number is 1-800-44-ARSON. You could be rewarded up to $5,000.