Flint gets a master plan

The first master plan in a half century is being made for Flint.

Flint hasnâ??t had a master plan since the 1960â??s and now the Flint Public Arts Project is brainstorming a brighter future for Flint. Including possibilities for an abandoned automotive property.

Itâ??s a community-wide effort. City leaders joining with neighborhoods, churches, local universities, and the Flint Public Arts Project.

â??We are trying to fix the community without kicking the community out,â?? said Rob McCollough.

Flint has seen plans for the future before that have fallen through but the group says this project is different because this time the community can determine the cities destiny.

â??Good rock solid people that raise families here so I think the real Flint is involved with the master planning process,â?? said Flint native Terry Vankert.

New ideas discussed include renewable resources and overall area beautification.

â??For us itâ??s, can we contribute intangibles, a new idea that wouldnâ??t come from just the people within the bubble in the city of Flint,â?? said Stephen Zacks of the Arts Project.

Today Chevy in the hole was the topic of discussion. What can the city do with 130 acres of abandoned automotive property?

â??We just imagine Chevy in the hole and what it could be and really push the envelope and think outside of the box,â?? said McCollough.

The urban transformation group will be relying on the community to make this master plan effective.

â??I think the rest of this community needs to get involved with this debate. What are we going to do,â?? said Vankert.

Three Flint master plan community workshops will be held by the end of the this year.

November 15, 7-8:30 at Mount Olive Missionary Baptist Church

November 28, 7-8:30 at Greater Galilee Baptist Church

December 13, 7-8:30 at Community Action Resource Department

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