Flint girl mauled by pit bull, dog still on premises

Denasia's mother says the dog is still visible from the girl's home. / Chad Britton

Genesee County Animal Control is finally responding to the case of a Flint girl mauled by a pit bull.

The pit bull's owner says animal control stopped by his home Tuesday; four days after the attack happened, to hand him a quarantine notice.

The notice says he can keep the dog locked up on his property, but the owner wants the dog removed as soon as possible.

The pit bull's days are numbered.

Friday, it attacked eight-year-old Denasia Bolds, a girl who lived next door.

"It was a shocker to me for my animal that I thought I knew so well, to just turn and be so vicious," said Shawn Keskes, the pit bull TMs owner.

Bolds needed 70 stitches on her face.

She's tough. She's still smiling. That's all that matters, said Dewayne Bolds, Denasia TMs father.

Keskes says Bud was rescued from an abusive home five years ago, but never showed any signs of aggression until now.

I love the little girl like she is my own. I mean I take her places wherever I go. I never imagined something like this happening in my yard, said Keskes.

Keskes says he hopes the attack won't end the friendship he has with Denasia TMs parents.

"I cry about it. I stress about it. I tell the parents sorry as much as I can," said Keskes.

But Denasia TMs father says his beef is more with Genesee County Animal Control, and why they haven't removed the dog yet.

You got to quarantine a dog for ten days to see if they have rabies or not, that's ten day's I TMve got to make sure my daughter's all right," said Bolds.

I've wanted to put him to sleep, I TMve been calling animal control to have them come out and pick him up, but there's never no answer," said Keskes.

Meantime, Denasia says she's terrified the dog is still so close.

I don't want to see the dog every time I go back there and play, said Denasia Bolds.

Keskes says once he found out that Denasia could see the dog from her own backyard, he moved the cage back a couple of feet so the dog wouldn't be in sight anymore.

But Bold says that won't change what's happened.

His daughter will always be scarred from the attack, on the inside and out.

Keskes says he's taking work off Wednesday to bring the dog to Genesee County Animal Control so he can get it euthanized as soon as possible.

Genesee County Animal Control has still not returned NBC25 TMS calls for comment.