Flint grocery stores selling water at discounted rate; ordering extra truckloads

Kroger and Landmark grocery stores in Flint are selling 24-pack cases of water at a reduced rate. Store managers say they just want their customers to have access to safe and clean drinking water.

Carolyn Clark is making sure she has bottled water on hand.

â??Iâ??m upset about it, I think it's ridiculous for the taxpayers we have to pay and now we have to turn around and buy water,â?? says Clark who has lived in Flint for 20 years.

Clarks says she doesn't trust her tap after the city violated the safe drinking water act by using too much chlorine to treat the water.

â??Help us,â?? says Clark. â??Help us, help ourselves."

Now Clark is buying bottled water from Landmark grocery store which is selling it a discounted price.

â??Almost every person walking in here has two or three cases of water in their cart,â?? says owner Mark Kattoli.

Now Kroger is following suit.

Kroger officials say they're not saying anything is wrong with Flint water.

â??We can't confirm that there's anything wrong with the water other than what Iâ??ve seen reported on but we obviously have an opportunity to help,â?? says Ken McClure, communications manager for Kroger.

But Flint councilman Wantwaz Davis says private companies stepping in shows how severe the problem with Flint water is.

â??Itâ??s a form of admission. Without saying it but showing actions, you can infer that they're probably saying as well that there is something wrong with the water,â?? says Davis.

While Clark appreciates the gesture, she's hoping she can start trusting her tap again soon.

The discounted water at Kroger will sell for $1.99 for a 24-pack of Kroger branded water. The water will be sold at 8 Flint-area stores including stores in Flint, Flint Township, Grand Blanc and Mt. Morris.

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