Flint group hoping for power in numbers

Tuesday's meeting was held at Antioch Baptist Church in Flint.

City leaders, clergy members and concerned Flint residents gathered at Antioch Baptist Church Tuesday to discuss which problems to focus their efforts on.

"We want to be a piece of wood together. We want to inform the community about what's going on but we want to hear from various groups in the community," Pastor Lewis Randolph said.

Pastor Randolph says the group, United for a Purpose, needs to narrow its focus and agree on a launching point for their efforts.

"What do you want to do? You want to put the whole city in a panic and that's crazy. I just don't understand why, and that's our concern," said Flint resident Mary Mosley.

Mosley is bracing for higher taxes beginning July 1st.

City residents will see a drastic increase in the price they pay for water, sewer and trash collection.

Residents will also be responsible for paying for a new city light assessment.

"You see one house that someone lives in and then the next three are empty, and maybe the next two are burned," added Mosley.