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      Flint home explosion blamed on scrappers

      Crews are cleaning up after an explosion rocks an entire neighborhood.

      ??It was a rude alarm clock,?? says Penny Vawter who owns the home next door to the leveled house.

      ??My husband looked outside and saw the stuff in the yard,?? says Vawter, surveying the damage on Tuesday.

      Vawter??s front yard shows the scope of the damage,.

      Some of her windows are completely busted out while siding is scattered across her front lawn. Even Vawter??s car has some damage.

      ??There??s a lot of mess and there's nothing we can do about it,?? says Vawter.

      Neighbors say the residents of the home recently moved out but they saw people going in and out of the home earlier this week.

      ??The same vehicle was back again and one of the other neighbors actually called Flint Police saying someone was breaking in, yet no one showed up,?? says Robert Clark who lives across the street.

      Flint Police say there's no record of a 911 call.

      Consumers Energy officials say scrappers are the likely culprits.

      ??Scrappers are not only risking their own lives but they jeopardize the lives and safety of the entire neighborhood,?? says Kevin Keane, area manager for Consumers Energy.

      ??It??s going to cost us time, effort and it could've cost us some health issues,?? adds Vawter.

      Keane says Consumers Energy has no records of anyone calling to shut off the gas at the home.

      Flint Police are continuing their investigation.

      Police say if a scrapper is caught, their car could be impounded and they could face jail time.