Flint home owners defending life and property versus intruders

Police say the home owner shot the two men after they entered his home.

Two men are in custody after an attempted home invasion. Police say the men attempted to break in to a home around five Wednesday morning on Freeman Avenue.Police say the home owner shot the two men after they entered his home. The home invasion shooting is the second incident this month in Flint where an attempted home invasion has gone wrong for criminals.

Police tell NBC 25's Josh Marshall home owners are using their second amendment rights but could be dangerously close to breaking the law. Knowing what to do before home owners pull the trigger doesn't come in a pamphlet when a gun is purchased. While it is a legal right, understanding the mechanics of the law can keep an innocent home owner alive, and out of jail.

"I heard the gunfire and woke up obviously," said Flint Resident Joseph Gervais.

Gervais is shaken up because a few houses separate him and flint's most recent home invasion on Freeman Avenue.

"People canâ??t just walk around and barge into your doors and just take your things and jeopardize your family," said Gervais.

If you're found in this situation there are things to know before pulling the trigger.

"If you have to use lethal force, make sure you know exactly what it is you are doing," said Saginaw County Sheriff Bill Federspiel.

The law states, lives must be in danger to use deadly force.

"And if you donâ??t acquire a target then you have no right to do that," said Federspiel.

Meaning a homeowner must see what they are shooting. Understanding how the law works and how to use a weapon aren't required to purchase a gun.

"Anyone can buy one if they pass a criminal background check," said Firearms Instructor Kevin Wigton.

Gun experts and police say classes can teach people what to do before pulling the trigger. It's a valuable lesson people in flint are ready to review.

"I donâ??t own a firearm but it makes me want to consider it just from this incident," said Gervais.

In April alone, there are more than two dozen burglaries and home invasions being investigated by the Flint Police Department; two of them resulting in the home owner opening fire.