Flint Homicides Down, Robberies Up in 2013

â??America's Most Violent Cityâ?? is on track to close out 2013 with 52 homicides.

â??Itâ??s a good trend whatever they're doing to continue that trend, they need to keep doing it,â?? says H.B. Cooper, a life-long Flint resident.

Thatâ??s exactly what Flint's police chief plans on doing.

â??Our focus going forward into 2014 is to maintain that decline in crime,â?? says Tolbert.

But also coming into focus---robberies and larcenies.

Robberies are up 21-percent this year.

â??These are the crimes that really and truly affect more people in the community than the violent crimes,â?? says Tolbert.

â??Itâ??s still up so they still need to do more about it,â?? says Tina Morris, a Flint native. â??More cops on the street, more room in the jail,â?? she adds.

Tolbert believes the re-opening of the city lock-up has helped the decrease in violent crimes but he says there are more initiatives on the table

â??(We are) looking to be a department that's taking care of business, we want to make sure that our investigations are tight, we want to make sure our resources and our patrol tactics are sound,â?? says Tolbert.

New tactics for 2014 include tasers and twitter.

â??Social media will be a mainstay going forward,â?? says Tolbert.

While flint neighbors say social media won't necessarily solve murders, they say any new tactics will help keep the city on track.

â??Well more cops on the street would too, says Morris.

â??I think it's a turning point,â?? adds Cooper.

This dip in crime may not be enough to knock the monIker of â??Americaâ??s Most Violent City for Flint. This dip in homicides is part of a national trend.

Detroit is down nearly 50 homicides and Chicago may have its fewest murders since 1965.