Flint homicide's hit 50 for the year

Police are investigating three homicides in less than twenty hours in Flint.

Flint homicides in as many days has brought Flintâ??s total to fifty for the year. While statistics are startling to hear Flint residents are more alarmed for their lives and the lives of those closest to them. Each of the shootings occurred in residential areas where residents are on the edge. Glenn street is in a neighborhood filled with families, including Perry Johnsonâ??s.

He hoped it would be safe place where his son, Joshua could grow up. Instead Perry is keeping a close eye on his toddler after police say a man was shot and then run over by a car Sunday night.

â??I have a four year old son around here and those bullets don't have eyes. And we are tired of the crime rate around here,â?? said Johnson.

Itâ??s been two months the Johnsonâ??s moved in. And the latest rash of violence is quickly changing his perspective.

â??I try to keep him in the house. Because basically there is too much going around this neighborhood,â?? says Johnson.

Itâ??s not the only neighborhood worried. Early Sunday morning just two miles away another shooting claimed the life of 31 year-old Rodrick Garner who police say was shot in the head while sitting in his car.

"I grew up in Flint, I've been here 73 years so I've seen Flint at its best and so now I'd have to say this is the worst I have ever seen it,â?? said Charles Scroggins.

A growing problem in a city that has seen 50 homicides since January and a disturbing trend that is affecting residents and families alike.

According to the Flint Police Department they are investigating each homicide separate; however, they are looking into the possibility of the there being a connection in the cases.