Flint iconic bricks crumbling, ready for repair

Crumbling and buckling.

When people think of downtown Flint they think of the bricks.

They're iconic, and they're damaged.

"they have a huge cultural significance to people here in Flint" says Jason Lorenz with the City of Flint.

The bricks are not going anywhere, but the city has a long road ahead to repair major damage from the brutal winter.

"The winter was very hard, we had a very low frost line and it damaged a lot of water lines so there's a lot of work that needs to be done and we're still catching up to it" says Jason.

Over 750,000 bricks make up Saginaw street.

A massive overhaul would be extremely costly.

Instead the city plans to focus on major issues first like bulging and crumbling bricks between 2nd and 4th streets.

"The plan will be specific to different areas so downtown will definitely get looked at just because of the significance of the activities that it brings downtown" says Jason.

The bricks are home to major events every summer that bring in tens of thousands of people like Back to the Bricks and the CRIM.

But organizers say they aren't worried.

"They have over the years been fantastic partners of ours and really bent over backwards to make sure that the events go off really well in August for the races" says Andy Younger with the CRIM festival of races.

"I really do have faith that this will happen again this year that we can count on them" he says.