Flint Jedi Knight: I've built over 1,000 lightsabers

What's a Jedi master without a lightsaber?

That's the thinking of Adam Churchill, a 44-year-old Flint artist who makes the "Star Wars"-style swords using electrical equipment, metal parts, stones, crystals and other odds and ends.

Churchill told MLive he's built more than a thousand lightsabers.

He used to sell his creations for $150 but now gives them out mainly as gifts.

None of the lightsabers shoots out beams of light capable of chopping off another Jedi's hand.

But Churchill says he's not as interested in the blades as he is the handles.

Asked whether he considers himself a Jedi, Churchill pulls out his phone and opens it, revealing a picture of himself wearing a pair of work goggles and the words "Master Jedi Adam" across the screen.

"I do," he said.