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      Flint job fair draws hundreds of job-seekers

      Looking for the right job can be a long, lonely journey and standing out among a crowd of applicants, daunting. It didn't stop hundreds of eager job seekers from flocking to a community job fair Monday, dressed to the nines, resumes in hand, hoping to impress potential employers.

      "I just need something that pays enough for me to take care of my life needs,?? said Latrelle Holmes, who??s been out of full-time work for three years.

      He??s eyeing a job at Sprint. As a loyal customers, he said, he thinks he can be good for the company.

      ??I'm a people person, I like to talk to people, people seem to like to talk to me," Holmes said.

      He??s hoping for a call-back.

      With the jobless rate pushing 11 percent in Genesee County, experts say the best way to hook an employer is to have a standout resume. So important, in fact, resume consultants were on hand to give helpful tips and critiques.

      "You're marketing yourself, so that is really your commercial,?? said Kym Oliver of AwesomeDesignStudio.com. ??That is your first impression so you want that to be as strong as possible."

      Some of these job seekers have become pretty good at making first impressions - they've been looking for employment for months, sometimes years.

      They're hoping one of those impressions struck the right note.

      If I could go to work today, I'd go back to work today,?? Christie Pope said.

      New Jerusalem Full Gospel Baptist Church and the ??First Ladies Connected With the Community?? hosted the Community Job Fair.