Flint kicks off Easter celebrations with fun and giving

Flint residents are on the hunt a day early, and making a charitable impact for the needy.

Flint residents are getting in the spirit of not only Easter but giving back to the community with Easter egg hunts and a hefty food giveaway for the needy.

"We went through 12 thousand pounds of food today."

The charity united Methodist church is giving back to the community with an Easter food drive.

"It is extremely important that they get a nice nourishing meal for Easter Sunday," said Pastor David Leineke from Charity United Methodist Church.

Boxes chocked full of lettuce tomatoes and other Easter dinner essentials from the Michigan food bank.

"It is just a great thing to live scripturally, to give without expectations just to openly give, know that we fed some families," said Leineke.

Down the road families joined for an age group Easter egg hunt searching for "the" golden egg.

"I found the legendary golden egg," said Flint resident Kevon.

The golden egg; one with meaning beyond candy for flint children.

"Itâ??s legendary because if they call it then you win the flat screen TV," said Kevon.

Attracting flints youth for a good time, councilman Sheldon neeley says is essential for his district.

"They donâ??t have to travel very far outside the city of flint to get this great wholesome activity around Easter. Having food fun and games and having a great time with each other," said Flint Councilman Sheldon Neeley.

Flint parents say heading into the holiday todayâ??s Easter activities are a sure fire way to get the family excited.

"It is all about the fun," said Kevon.

There are many Easter Sunday activities scheduled in Genesee County including catholic charities Sunday celebration meal at the north end and holy angelâ??s soup kitchens starting at 6am.