Flint leaders ask for state help to prevent public safety cuts

Genesee County leaders are hoping for state intervention.

â??We need it real bad,â?? says Scott Kincaid, Flintâ??s city council president.

After losing a federal grant, emergency manager Darnell Earley eliminating 36 police and 19 fire positions in the city's budget.

â??I mean, we need at least $5 million a year over the next three years,â?? says Kincaid.

With cuts on the horizon, State Representative Phil Phelps is asking the legislature to step in.

â??Theyâ??re doing somethings with the budget right now and we're wondering if there's other pieces of money that we might be able to obtain,â?? says Phelps, a democrat from Flushing.

Phelps adding an amendment for an unspecified amount of money to the state budget Tuesday, allowing lawmakers in Lansing to consider helping Flint.

â??This is an emergency situation,â?? says Phelps. â??The shortfall in the budget was not expected."

â??Crime is going down and we can't afford to change that direction,â?? says Kincaid.

Darnell Earley declining on-camera comment Wednesday but has previously said Flint will use all the help it can get.

â??Itâ??s not safe for the city of Flint to layoff that many public safety officers at one time,â?? adds Phelp.

There is still a long way to go with the state budget.

While Phelps got the amendment passed in the house budget committee, the senate also needs to consider this measure.

Weâ??re told Represenative Woodrow Stanley and Senator Jim Ananich are also on board.