Flint lifts water advisory

A water advisory has been lifted on Flint's water. Officials say drinking water is now safe.

Flint officials say drinking water from the Flint River is now safe to drink for the city but some parts of the river are still under and environmental advisory.

Public Works Director Howard Croft said dealing with two unrelated emergencies this week after bacteria was found in drinking water and a power outage lead to a raw sewage spill into the river.

Croft said the river is undergoing testhing every four hours, making sure the water is safe to drink.

"We test by the DEQ 100 times per month," Croft said. "That's what's required. We're actually testing 120 times per month. We're testing every four hours within out plant, around the clock, continuous. That's how we're able to know that the plant is producing good quality water."

Even though the boil water advisory has been lifted Consumers Energy will still be testing the city's waste water treatment plant power system after power was restored yesterday.