Flint lockup opens

Flint residents and officials are on the same page about the opening of the Flint city lock up. They say itâ??s a good thing, but where do we go from here, and how can we stop the violence?

In order to relieve over crowding and keep criminals off the streets inmates are now being held here.

The 3rd floor of Flint PD, where theyâ??ll be housed for up to 72 hours.

â??It will be safer for our children and the less crime, the more better our city will become,â?? said Flint resident Timia Bragg.

Before opening, offenders of small crimes were sent out of Genesee County or put back on the street with an electronic tether around their ankle.

â??If someone is sentenced to jail for thirty days they ought to do thirty days. And this isnâ??t the answer,â?? said Genesee County Sheriff Robert Pickell.

Residents say locking everyone up isnâ??t going to stop crime. They want an increased police presence in Flint.

â??This isnâ??t the answer to the crime problem because we are going to get our police officers back on the street,â?? said Flint resident Danny Knight.

Sheriff Pickell says he is working on the next step.

â??This is another piece to the puzzle but it's not the entire answer. You have to have people on the street, boots on the ground, that's what we need now,â?? said Pickell.

Reinstating laid off officers requires more money, money Flint doenâ??t have. But some say more officers could make a huge difference.

â??It would stop the crime that way we wouldn't have to worry about the city jail bringing in people from the community,â?? said Ricky Orr.

Residents are acknowledging that the job isnâ??t solely up to officials.

â??Everybody out here has to put in. Itâ??s not just the city. We have to do this as people,â?? said Bragg.

As of now there are no plans in place to take the next step, adding more officers to the Flint Police Department.