Flint manager: City not ready for local control

Flint's Emergency Financial Manager, Michael Brown, says the city is not ready to leave state control yet.

Flint's emergency manager says the financially troubled city isn't ready to follow Pontiac on the road out of state control.

Emergency manager Michael Brown wants to see the city achieve a few more financial goals before the state appoints a transition advisory board.

Gov. Rick Snyder on Monday announced the appointment of such a board in Pontiac to steer its return to elected self-government.

Brown says the first challenge is preparing and adopting a budget for fiscal year 2015. The city is dealing with expiring grants and a $3 million structural deficit.

Brown says the city must enact a two-year budget for the following two fiscal years before a transition board can be appointed.

Flint has been operating under an emergency manager since 2011.