Flint man's roommate is a pig... literally

Robert Howe takes his best friend, Pugsley, for a walk.

Most people have had a bad roommate but this unlikely Flint resident is rewriting the book about mans best friend.

"I have medical problems with a brain aneurysm and stuff like that but she gets me out, she gets my mind going, sheâ??s just fun to be with," said Pugsleyâ??s owner Robert Howe.

Pugsley the pig is an unlikely roommate coming to the aid of a man in need.

She was found just a block away from Robert Howeâ??s home two years ago.

"She just became part of the family; I don't know what I would do without her," said Howe.

But the city of flint does not allow farm animals in city limits.

"Come to find out she is considered domestic," said Howe.

And with good behavior Pugsley is allowed to stay in Howe's home.

"Itâ??s not mean, a lot of people didnâ??t even know it was a pig," said Pugsleyâ??s neighbor.

Watch raw video of Pugsley hanging around Robert Howe's home.

Howe says that Pugsley is just like one of their dogs, they even feed her dog food.

"And as you can see as big as she is its good for her and she eats lettuce tomatoes and vegetables," said Howe.

Puglsey's domestication is making her a neighborhood celebrity.

"She gives me my exercise because we go for walks everyday," said Howe.

Howe says Pugsley is filling a place is his heart. Before he wasn't nearly as active and was recovering from health complications.

"She has come like best friend, like dog is mans best friend well she has become one of my best friends," said Howe.

And he hopes the feeling is mutual.

"She helps me out and i guess Iâ??m helping her out. She has a place to live and being taken care of," said Howe.

Other residents along Arizona Street say they love old Pugsley and they look forward to her visit everyday.