Flint Mayor asking Lansing for help resolving water quality issue

Flint Mayor Dayne Walling reaches out to Lansing for help resolving water quality issue in city.

Long time Flint resident Darren Barry has drank the water in the city for 40 years. He says there isnâ??t anything wrong with it.

â??I make my coffee with it every morning. I have no problems. Iâ??m going to get old here, and Iâ??m going to keep on drinking the water,â?? Barry says.

But other residents arenâ??t so confident in the cityâ??s water supply being safe to drink. City officials sent a letter to residents last month that one of the cityâ??s 8 water districts, failed a quality test. Flint Public Works Director Howard Croft says overall the water is safe to drink.

â??All of the standards we use are set by the Environmental Protection Agency. All of those standards are being met except for that one area,â?? Croft explains.

To help resolve the water quality issue, the Flint Emergency Manager sent out a request to hire an outside consultant to help the Public Works Department solve the problem.

â??it will give us another set of eyes to look at the plan we have in place. And offer any advice on how we can improve. But our water is safe to drink,â?? Croft says.

Flint City Councilman Eric Mays says heâ??s still concerned about the quality of water for the residents in his district. He says he wants the city to reconsider hooking up to Detroit water while the problem is being fixed.

â??I need to look at the numbers and see if itâ??s $1 million more than what weâ??re paying now. Or would the actual cost be much cheaper. We need this fixed now. Not in the short term, long term, itâ??s all one term to me. Iâ??m concerned, and I want it fixed,â?? Mays explains.

Now Mayor Dayne Walling is asking for help from Lansing to help fix the water problem.

â??It is essential there is city, state, and federal cooperation to address the challenges here and to meet the needs of vulnerable populations,â?? Walling said in his request.

We did not receive a response from the Governorâ??s office regarding any action Lansing might take to help resolve the issue.