Flint Mayor determined to find solution to avoid cuts to police and fire

Flint Mayor Dayne Walling says the thought of cutting 36 police officers, and 19 firefighters is devastating. Thatâ??s what Emergency Manager Darnell Earley's budget proposal is calling for. But Walling says he's determined to find another way to balance the budget, and keep public safety a priority.

"The City of Flint needs a large and strong public safety system,â?? said Dayne Walling, Flint Mayor.

With the city's budget millions of dollars in the red, Emergency Manager Darnell Early is proposing the cuts to police and fire to reach a balanced budget.

"You have to make difficult choices, when you're a distressed community, like The City of Flint,â?? said Darnell Earley, Flint Emergency Manager.

Mayor Dayne Walling says Flint needs more financial help from Lansing. He wants the state to fill the budget gap, allowing Flint to keep those 36 police officers and 19 firefighters on the job.

"It shouldn't take another municipality bankruptcy in Michigan to get attention and appropriate investment,â?? said Walling.

The cuts have neighboring communities, like Burton, worried that their police and fire fighters will be called in to help Flint more often.

"Well sure thereâ??re concerns that we may have to do more runs into the City of Flint,â?? said Paula Zelenko, Burton Mayor.

Those who rely on the city's police force and fire department are shocked even more cuts are even being considered.

"We need our firefighters, we need our police walking the streets, and protecting the city, and I can't believe it,â?? said David Roper, Flint.

Mayor Walling says he has a month to review the budget with city council and work to find another solution that would avoid cutting these 55 police and fire positions.