Flint Mayor Karen Weaver hopeful that President Trump will help city recover

Flint Mayor Karen Weaver talks to NBC 25 after meeting with President Trump.(Photo Credit: Drew Moore/WSMH)

President Donald Trump reached out to Flint Mayor Karen Weaver prior to landing in the Motor City on Wednesday.

The president’s administration set up a meeting between the two after a speech in Ypsilanti Township. Weaver saying the talk was short but productive.

She applauded Mr. Trump’s actions to keep federal aid flowing into the city after he took office. And thanked him for committing to put more law enforcement on the street.

Weaver says she’s willing to work with anyone who can help the city get back on its feet.

“The governor is the governor. The president is the president. If we have some priorities that are similar than we need to have that conversation. If it can help continue the support for Flint and it will help us get the support we need, I’m going to do it,” Weaver says.

Weaver also saying that her administration is working on a longer ‘face to face’ meeting with Mr. Trump which could happen in the next few weeks.

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