Flint mother charged with killing twin toddlers

Crystal Shelton-Randolph is facing a litany of charges--accused of killing her twin toddlers.

â??Itâ??s tragic that we would get to this point that it appears that a mother has taken the lives of both of her children,â?? says James Tolbert, Flintâ??s chief of police.

Jordan Shelton, 2, suffered severe injuries at Evergreen Regency Apartments back in November.

He later died at Hurley Hospital.

â??It was also ruled a homicide,â?? says Tolbert.

The little boy's death lead investigators to take a closer look at the death of Jordanâ??s twin, Jaâ??Mya.

â??Before you accuse a parent of something like this, you have to make sure you have all your fact,â?? says Tolbert.

Police say the original cause of death was ruled an undetermined asphyxiation.

Now, after months of investigating, Tolbert says Shelton-Randolph killed her little girl, two months before allegedly killing her son, Jordan.

â??Obviously some sort of satisfaction on our part because we were able to go back in time and bring someone to justice,â?? says Tolbert.

Shelton-Randolphâ??s attorney declining comment on the new charges Monday but he says his client is undergoing psychological testing.

Shelton-Randolph faces life in prison. Sheâ??s charged with two counts of murder and two counts of child abuse as well as a criminal sexual conduct charge.