Flint murder record broken after November 2012 shooting victim dies

Sixty six people were killed in Flint in 2012, tying a record set two years earlier but a November shooting victimâ??s death has now broken that record.

Matthew Dewayne Williams was shot at a Flint gas station on Clio Road and Myrtle Avenue last November but died of his injuries earlier in March 2013, making him the city's record breaking 67th homicide of 2012.

Williams was a life long resident of Flint and a victim of the most violent year in the history of the city.

â??It's just sad, it's just sad, all over nothing,â?? says Sunshine Carter.

Williams grew up on Flint's north side and attended Flint Northwestern High School. Friends say the 24-year-old dad will be remembered for his love of music.

â??It just needs to get stopped here in Flint, period,â?? says Carter. She knew Matthew, who went by the name â??Matt Wayne,â?? from the neighborhood.

â??He was at the wrong place at the wrong time,â?? she adds.

Williams spent about four months in and out of the hospital and died on March 11th from the injuries sustained in the shooting.

â??Don't nobody (sic) want to go through losing no family member ever. Especially in violence, in the city of Flint, Michigan,â?? says Carter.

Williams died 10 days ago as a result of the injuries he suffered after being shot last November. His death makes him the latest victim of 2012.

â??Itâ??s like a vicious cycle that keeps going on and on. Until the people take a stand, we find ourselves in the same position over again,â?? says Skeeter Holmes, a Flint resident.

â??It makes me want to leave because I don't want to be at the wrong place at the wrong time and die,â?? says Carter.

Flint police haven't released any information about a suspect in this case. Friends and family members say they want to remember Williams for the person he was and not just the victim of the 67th murder.