Flint neighborhoods plowed following 24-hour operation

After asking MDOT for assistance clearing truck line roads like M-54 and M-21 the city is working on clearing out Flint neighborhoods. After a few inches of overnight snowfall, people in Flint are digging out and looking to see if the city's commitment is holding true.

Flint's neighborhood roads aren't clear. But people say they're better.

Jack Norman and Robert William are doing their part to clean up snow that they say has been on their streets since January.

"People getting stuck everywhere. The bus got stuck down the street, Pepsi cola truck got stuck right around that corner," said Flint Resident Robert William.

A release from the city on Friday called for a 24-hour operation to address the roads. William and Norman are taking a look the city's progress.

"They are keeping their promise doing all they can," said William.

"Itâ??s pretty good. A lot better than it was," said Flint resident Jack Norman.

People across Flint say at least one plow has come by since Saturday. The newly cleared roads are making essential travel like jack Normanâ??s meals on wheels delivery possible.

"They got it open enough for two cars to go down and not meet each other," said Norman.

Newly plowed roads are an encouraging site that is motivating the community to do their part.

"I come out here and clean my sidewalk of to keep somebody from falling and getting hurt," said William.

On Friday Flint Public Works Director Howard Croft said the city was using all available resources. Flint residents today say they are thankful. But more snow is on the way.