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      Flint neighbors, author raise money online to demolish home

      Flint is no stranger to vacant homes but in one north side neighborhood, it's actually the other way around and some neighbors are trying to stop the blight before it spreads.

      ??Beautiful, beautiful,?? says Crystal Ashburn-Brown, describing her block.

      ??If you got an area that's good and solid, keep it like that,?? says Ashburn-Brown.

      But 6608 Parkbelt is bringing this neighborhood down.

      ??I don't think I should have to live like this. I should not have nothing like this on my block,?? says Ashburn-Brown.

      Gordon Young, a Flint author, agrees.

      ??Like a lot of people who grew up in Flint and no longer live there, I wanted to try and help the city in some way,?? says Young, the author of ??Teardown: Memoir of A Vanishing City.??

      Young and the neighbors are turning to crowd-funding website, Indiegogo, to raise money to knock down the house.

      ??You try to save what's good and don't let this be a start for more houses to look like this house,?? says Ashburn-Brown.

      While Flint has received millions to demolish homes like 6608 Parkbelt, this house isn't on the Genesee County Landbank??s short list.

      ??We may not be able to reverse deindustrialization,?? says Young. ??But if we raise $10,000 this dangerous, burned out house will be demolished.??

      With nearly $3,000 raised in four days, hope is beginning to emerge from the forgotten house on Parkbelt.

      ??We??re climbing and we'll soon get to that $10,000,?? says Ashburn-Brown.

      The neighbors have until the end of August to raise the money. However, there??s a catch---it's all or nothing.

      If the neighbors don't raise all $10,000, they won't get any of the money. All of the donations will be returned by the crowdfunding website.

      For more information on the campaign, click here.