Flint neighbors continue to dig out; city schools closed for fifth day

Statement from Flint Community Schools

This is the third time Rev. Charles Snyder has dug out of Joliet Street.

â??Iâ??m just going to dig this out so I have a path right here,â?? says Snyder.

This side street is just one of many in Flint that is still buried under snow.

â??Iâ??m having difficulty in this SUV so I can only imagine what the average person with a car is getting at,â?? says Snyder.

City officials are insisting they're doing their best.

â??it's unreasonable to expect that it'll all be done by Saturday but the crews will continue to work until it's done,â?? says Jason Lorenz, public information for the city of Flint.

â??This seems unreal,â?? counters Snyder. His children have missed several days of school.

â??I mean, if i didn't have to be out, i wouldn't be out,â?? he adds.

Flint Community Schools are set to reopen Monday. Officials are blaming the week-long closures on the side roads. Saying in part, â??While the main roads may be in fair shape, the condition of the side streets is a major consideration."

â??The neighborhoods are getting plowed, progress is being made,â?? says Lorenz.

The city's road crew is getting help from the state. The Michigan Department of Transportation is sending trucks to help clear Flint streets.

â??We're expecting to get some assistance from them but our trucks are out there, our crews are out there, 24/7,â?? says Lorenz.

â??Letâ??s get the proper road crew out and get this clean up,â?? says Snyder. Heâ??s hoping those extra crews come soon because he could really use some help.