Flint neighbors pick up after post-July Fourth storm

Downed trees reduce traffic to one lane on Lippincott Road in Flint.

Howling winds ripped through the torrid night, waking neighbors before sunrise.

"We heard a few loud noises and couldn't figure out where it was coming from,â?? Tom Elwart said. The winds knocked one tree right onto Elwartâ??s house off Court Street.

"I came down and this is what I saw when I opened up the door," he said.

The family woke up to the kiddie pool flipped over, the basketball hoop snapped and frayed and the backyard littered with tree branches.

"[The kids] were pretty excited to see a tree lying on the back porch here."

On the other side of I-475, drivers navigated downed trees blocking the intersection of Lippencott and Stanford, and trees ominously resting on power lines threatened cars below.

The storm spared Elwartâ??s camper. Itâ??s a small consolation but Elwart won't be heading out in it before he deals with insurance calls and cleans up this mess at home.