Flint neighbors speak up after robber targets elderly woman

Councilman Wantwaz Davis is asking neighbors to be on the lookout.

Neighbors in Flint's 5th ward are on edge after a thief targets several elderly women. Flint police chief James Tolbert confirms the suspect has robbed at least four different women.

â??Well, who cleans your gutters?â?? says Cora Pitts.

Sounds like a friendly question but Cora Pitts says there's malice behind it.

"I'm trapped back here and my neighbors can't see me and he just snatched my purse,â?? says Pitts. The grandmother of 11 is the latest victim of a string of robberies attacking the elderly on flint's north side.

â??Angry,â?? says Pitts. â??You feel frustrated, you feel vulnerable,â?? she adds.

Pitts attacked Saturday afternoon suffering minor injuries after the attacker dragged her down the driveway, taking her purse.

â??I didn't even realize it until afterward how my shoes are scuffed up,â?? says Pitts.

Fifth ward councilman Wantwaz Davis is now asking neighbors to be on the look out.

â??This is something we're not going to tolerate in the 5th ward or any community in the city of Flint,â?? says Davis.

Meantime, Flint police are increasing patrols in the neighborhood giving Cora Pitts some reassurance.

â??I absolutely want to see this young man apprehended. He needs to be in jail,â?? she adds.

If you have any information, give Crime Stoppers a call at 1-800-422-JAIL.