Flint neighbors turn out for city planning workshop

Dozens of people turned out for a master planning workshop in Flint on Saturday. Three big questions surround the city's master plan and dozens of neighbors were able to get answers.

â??Without a vision, people perish. So I think it's important the city has motivation and direction to move forward,â?? says Robert McCathern of Flint.

Saturdayâ??s workshop helps city planners shape The Vehicle City's future. Itâ??s a 21st century town hall.

â??It allows people to come together, vote, talk at a small table, have all those notes processed and they'll be more voting at the end of the day. It's just an amazing process,â?? says Dayne Walling, mayor of Flint.

Tables scattered across Mott Community College's Ballenger Fieldhouse featured I-pads, allowing neighbors to ask questions and give input.

â??There's a lot of enthusiasm of people wanting to make a difference so Iâ??m excited about the vision of flint,â?? says McCathern.

Mayor Walling says community workshops like these help city officials mold flint's future.

â??Itâ??s a smooth operation, everybody's here, representing the diversity of the city,â?? adds Walling.

The city's master plan is called â??Imagine Flint.â?? The next event is the safety, health and welfare advisory group meeting on Monday.