Flint Northern's Class of 2013 celebrates bittersweet milestone

It's graduation day for about 350 seniors in the Flint school district. The ceremony at Perani Arena included all the traditional pomp and circumstance, but for a third of the seniors it was more poignant. Flint Northern High School sent off 121 seniors, the last graduating class before the school becomes a 7-12 alternative education center as part of the districtâ??s restructuring plan the board approved earlier this year.

The students said it's bittersweet knowing the school no longer operate as a high school, but said they're proud to have been a part of the school's history.

Flint school board vice president Isaiah Oliver gave the keynote speech and said he hopes to send the seniors off with a message of encouragement. "There comes a time in your life where you take everything you've been given and actually put it into action and do something so the goal is to motivate students to take those tools that they've been given and contribute to society,â?? he told NBC25 Tuesday.

Flint Northern seniors graduated along 99 graduates from Northwestern High School and 124 graduates from Southwestern Classical Academy.