Flint officers, volunteers out in full force on Angels' Night

A Flint police officer patrols the streets on Angels' Night.

The city of Flint deployed dozens of police officers, special operation units and civilian volunteers Wednesday to keep a watchful eye on any suspicious activity during Angels' Night.

Under the new leadership of Flint Police Chief James Tolbert and Fire Chief David Cox, Jr., more than a hundred officers - some in plain clothes - were dispatched across the city.

â??What the mayor, what the fire department is doing, the $5,000 reward for any person arrested or convicted of arson, all these things play a part in making the city safe,â?? Tolbert said.

Officers made traffic stops and scouted out any unusual or suspicious behavior.

As of 11 p.m. firefighters responded to at least two fires.

Civilian volunteers manned five of the city's mini-stations fielding phone calls, so police were free to patrol the streets. Some volunteers were also out patrolling in their cars.

Fred Anthony, who was patrolling the streets, said, â??The people have been letting us know they appreciate every little bit of time that can be donated to the six places we have around the city, and hopefully we can get more that would bring the city closer together with the information so we can get the job done."

You can be a part of the Angels' Night effort by reporting arson through the anonymous arson tip line at 1-800-44-ARSON. You could be rewarded up to $5,000.