Flint officials may demolish apartments

Apartment complex may be demolished to curb violence.

Flint city officials are in talks to demolish Atherton East apartment--complex. This move is in an attempt to curb violent crimes in the neighborhood.

Atherton East was the location of Monday's fatal shooting.

Effieya Nance has lived in the area for two years and is fed up, "everyday we go through this, we can't even sit out on our porch or do anything."

The U.S Department of Housing program is aimed at not only combatting violence but relocating residents to an area more accessible for employment and transportation.

Megan Hunter, Flint's planning & Development Director says, "most of the models I've seen have been highly successful including Charlotte, Los Angeles, and Atlanta proving it can transform lives."

Hunter says the city doesn't expect to hear if they will receive federal relocation assistance funding until January.