Flint officials ready to negotiate with city unions

A $19 million budget deficit looms over the city of Flint.

Emergency Manager Darnell Earley says cuts must be made to bring clear skies to The Vehicle City.

â??What will it take? Well, it's going to take sacrifice,â?? says Earley.

Earley says everything is on the table.

â??As goes the city of Flint, so goes the people who work for the city of Flint and obviously goes the services the city of Flint is capable of providing,â?? says Earley.

But the police union says---leave them out of it.

â??I don't know where or how he could cut public safety,â?? says Kevin Smith, president of the Flint Police Union. â??I mean at this point, we're at the bare bones now,â?? adds Smith.

Smith adds, the police union has already been hit with cuts.

â??Weâ??re the only union that took an almost 30-percent concession throughout the city,â?? says Smith.

As Earley tries to keep the city afloat, union officials hope their numbers don't sink.

â??We have to be realistic about the impact of what has to happen in order for the city to not only regain it's solvency but to sustain it long term,â?? says Earley.

â??I think there needs to be more police and there needs to be more police now,â?? says Smith.

Negotiations start Monday.