Flint one of the top ten snowiest cities in America this year

Flint is on another top ten list. This time it is for snow.

While not number one, so far Erie, Pa has that honor with 107.5 inches, Flint is ranked 9th, ahead of Billings, Montana.

64.5" as of yesterday has fallen on Flint.

Normally the seasonal average in Flint is 47.4". The all-time record is 82.9".

Another record that Flint is setting for the area is for consecutive days with at least 1" of snow on the ground. Right now Flint has had 65 straight days of snow cover, which ranks 4th overall in the city. The all-time Flint record is 88 days back in 1963.

You can see if there is more snow in our forecast here.