Flint pastors hold prayer rally against Public Act 4

A group of Flint pastors spent Wednesday evening "praying down" a number of grievances they say is oppressing the people.

The Concerned Pastors for Social Action launched a civil rights movement of sorts against excessive taxes, violence, and Public Act 4, which put Flint under the control of an emergency financial manager, before the law was suspended pending a public vote in November.

Nearly 200 Flint residents joined the pastors at Foss Avenue Baptist Church for an evening of prayer. Flint city councilmen Bernard Lawler and Sheldon Neeley were among the eveningâ??s speakers.

The group submitted a list of desired outcomes to Emergency Manager Ed Kurtz earlier Wednesday.

The requests include a reduction in water bill rates, a reallocation of the $750,000 community block grant dollars slated for the demolition of Genesee Towers and a commitment from the city of Flint to fund infrastructure upgrades and revoke a resolution that puts a public safety millage on the November ballot.

Dr. Reginald Flynn of Foss Ave. Baptist Church said he hopes the group of clergy and citizens can help turn the city around through prayer.

â??This is nothing uncommon for us,â?? Flynn said. â??And that is, we are a people who believe in the power of prayer. To launch this on the foundation of corporate prayer."

The group says it plans to continue the protest on Saturday morning with a demonstration during the Crim Festival of Races if the desired outcomes are not recognized by Ed Kurtz.