Flint pastors meet with state police after deadly crash

Flint pastors meet with the Michigan State Police at Grace Emmanuel Baptist Church in Flint.

Flint area pastors are voicing their concerns about a recent deadly police chase in the city and are working with police to address the issue.

The pastors held a meeting with the Michigan State Police and local leaders Thursday night at Grace Emmanuel Baptist Church.

"We need to bridge a big void, a big gap that we have ... it's like us against them," said Pastor Alfred Harris Sr. with the Saints of God Church.

A state police chase in the City of Flint on July 3rd left a family mourning the death of their loved one who was caught in the middle. Jacqueline Nichols was killed when a Trooper crashed into the vehicle she was in while chasing a suspect near Pierson Road and North Street in Flint.

"By no means did we have any intention of this occurring but with the risks that we take on a daily basis this happens and we feel for these families," said Gene Kapp, Michigan State Police Commander for the third district.

In the wake of the crash, the state police is reviewing its policies and trying to work more closely with residents.

"The resources that we have now at our disposal to assist us in our policing efforts have really made a differenceâ?¦but at the same time we want to be sensitive to the issues within a community," said Darnell Earley, Emergency Manager for the City of Flint.

Pastors say meeting with police and local leaders is just one step in the process and it will take the community to make a real change.

"It was good for us to hear from the state police that their main objective is the security and the safety of the people of Flint," said Pastor Marvin Jennings with Grace Emmanuel Baptist Church.