Flint pastors respond to violence

A violent start to the new year as a 15 year old boy was killed on Flint's north side. 2012 made the record books, 66 murders, matching the city's all time high in 2010.

"Stop and think about the shame that you are bringing upon your city, having 66 people killed last year and already 1 this year," said Pastor Lewis Randolph of Antioch Baptist Church.

The Concerned Pastors of Social Action are fighting for change. They formed to fight injustice in Flint more than 50 years ago.

"One of our earliest movements was the hiring situation. Where not as many people were getting hired as they should be, public outcry, we got through that," said Pastor Henry Fuller or Mt. calvery Missionary Baptist Church.

45 pastors from Flint, no color or denomination barriers.

"We've been able to get through those and now we've got to take a different approach more concerned because our city is experiencing devastation like we've never experienced," said Pastor Fuller.

In just one year both pastors say they've burried countless homicide victims.

"Such a sad situation to try and encourage families who've lost a loved one, grieving and walking to the gravesides with their heads down," said Pastor Lewis.

"It hurts, it causes your heart to bleed. You ask yourself daily, what more can you do, so you keep doing all that you can do to let people know there is help," said Pastor Randolph.

In order to help the pastors have made a new plan.

"Well the church has to leave its walls, and begin to go out into the community," said Pastor Lewis.

To support the Concerned Pastors of Social Action, contact Antioch Baptist Church at (810) 789-2931.