Flint Police Department clears 20,000 warrants in 6 months

<p>A warrant sweep this Wednesday morning rounded up eight people including violent offenders.</p>

Wednesday morningâ??s warrant sweep and arrests is a sign of progress. Flint Police Captain Collin Birnie says, the city currently has about 23,000 outstanding warrants; a far cry from 40,000 the department had just six months ago.

"This was an attempt for some of the more violent ones to get off the street," said Captain Birnie.

NBC 25 is asking the department where the funding for these large scale operations is coming from? They say some funding is coming from the pockets of the very criminals they're locking up.

"Itâ??ll come out of the forfeiture account which is monies and properties that the drug unit has seized," said Birnie.

Using seized drug money is an answer to a lack of funding. To address the cityâ??s dwindling staff the department is raking in outside resources.

"We have ATF, Marshals, Fugitive Team and State Police," said Birnie.

Captain Birnie says the department will continue this strong partnership with outside agencies heading into what he calls, the departments busiest time of year.

"As the weather gets warmer we get busier its nice to clear some of these folks off the street," said Birnie.

A total of eight arrests were made Wednesday morning and dozens of warrants were cleared.