Flint Police Department to add 8 new officers

The Flint police department is hanging up the now hiring sign. Eight new police officers will soon join the force thanks to public safety millage funds.

Neighbors, business owners and the police union are happy to hear more officers will soon work the beat but people NBC 25 News spoke with say, eight is not enough for countryâ??s most violent city.

Come next month, eight new police officers will work the beat in Flint.

â??I think that's really good,â?? says Tracey Whelpley. She owns The Lunch Studio on Saginaw Street,

â??More police of course is better,â?? says Whelpley.

Traceyâ??s customers agree more is better.

â??We definitely need more and the mayor needs to get on that,â?? says Kathleen Knot.

While Flint neighbors, business owners and even the police union are happy to hear more police officers are being hired, they say eight isn't enough. They say a whole lot more police officers are needed on the streets and in these patrol cars.

â??I think it's great to hire more public safety people,â?? says Nic Custer. â??We need more firefighters, more police but I don't think the 6-mill is going to cover what we really need,â?? he adds.

Police union president Kevin Smith agrees.

â??I think the citizens have been shortchanged,â?? says Smith.

Smith says the emergency financial manager promised 10 new officers when the 6-mill public safety tax passed but only eight are joining the force, two of which are filling retirement spots.

Smith says thatâ??s a net gain of six.

â??We figured we have 10 guys starting out and hopefully more in the future and we got six,â?? says Smith.

â??It makes me feel safer of course and hopefully it deters people who might have negative motives you could say,â?? says Whelpley.

The eight new officer start in the first week of March.