Flint Police Department to implement use of tasers

Flint Police Department plans to begin using tasers.

Flint Police are getting another tool to help them fight crime; tasers.

Chuck Melki has worked in law enforcement for most of his life.

He now trains people to safely use weapons.

He's also had experience with tasers.

For police departments, he says, tasers are a plus.

"It just puts another tool on your gun belt instead of using lethal force," said Melki, chief firearm instructor and owner of Gabriel's Pistol Range.

It's why the Flint Police Department plans to join other agencies and equip field officers with the weapons.

"Hopefully we don't have to use them," said Flint Police Chief James Tolbert.

But if they do.

"Now, instead of going from verbal situation to a physical situation there is another step involved in there when you can, with proper training, use a taser," said Chief Tolbert.

Opponents of tasers say the weapons can be dangerous or even deadly.

Officials say it's all about proper training.

"There will be extensive training, policies in place and we'll be able to review our practices," said Chief Tolbert.

Melki said, "it's about training and departmental policies and procedures."

Chief Tolbert is familiar with tasers.

He worked with the tools while in Detroit and says he looks forward to bringing the weapons to Flint, however he does not know when that may be.