Flint police gear up for Angelsâ?? Night 2013

Curfews are in place, volunteers set and Flint police are ready to patrol the streets of The Vehicle City for Angelsâ?? Night 2013.

Alberta Douglas serves as the head angel of the south side Flint police service station.

â??Iâ??ve done it probably for 20 years now. It's the only way to keep the fires down and the kids off the street,â?? says Douglas.

The 75 year-old grandmother of 24 has a message for anyone even thinking about setting a fire.

â??Beware, cause we're going to be out there watching ya (sic) and we're going to get ya this year,â?? says Douglas.

Joining Alberta are dozens of volunteers patrolling Flint's streets Wednesday night, looking to stomp out arson.

Last year, we had no fires at all in this area,â?? says Douglas.

City officials are also setting new curfews for minors

Children under 16 are to be off the streets before midnight. Children 14 years old and under, are to be off the streets before 11 and children 12 and under, before 10 o'clock.

Flint parents are welcoming the new rules.

â??I think it's really great because then the kids are not out there doing what they want to do,â?? says Denise Prince, a parent.

â??I would think they should do the time a little shorter than that. I think 10 and 11 is still too late to be out,â?? says Sonya Austin, also a parent.

â??I think it's a good idea and I think they should make these parents responsible for these kids,â?? says Douglas.