Flint police investigate first homicide of 2013

Flint police are investigating the first homicide of the new year, and for Terry Jerome Brown this hits home, literally.

"I was upstairs watching tv and heard a gunshot and I heard some footsteps running up the basement stairs," said Terry Jerome Brown.

Brown was home with his 16 year old son, and his 15 year old friend on New Yea's Eve. They live on North Chevrolet in Flint.

"Come down to the basement and my son's friend is laying on the floor," said Brown.

Flint police responded to the murder scene at 2:25 Tuesday morning.

The 15 year old was rushed to the hospital where he died.

The two boys hung out often, they had been friends for years, both attending the same elementary school.

"He was a nice guy didn't seem like a trouble child or anything, always had a smile on his face," said Brown.

Brown knows his son's life was spared, but that doesn't matter, not right now.

"I'm thankful that he's safe but I'm also sad that someone else had to go through this. His friend," said Brown.

It's a tragic scene that plays over and over in Brown's head.

If you have any information regarding this case please call CrimeStoppers at 1800-422-JAIL or Flint PD at 810-237-6800.