Flint Police, Michigan State Police, announce joint taskforce to work major crimes

Reinforcements are coming to the Flint Police Department.

Michigan State Police is partnering with the Flint Police detective bureau to form a major crimes task force.

Flint Police Chief Alvern Lock, along with MSP officials, announced the moved Tuesday. Itâ??s part of Governor Rick Snyder's efforts to help the city with public safety.

MSP Flint Post First Lt. Matt Bolger said the partnership will put more eyes and ears on serious crimes such as homicides, home invasions and armed robberies in the city of Flint.

Eight state police officers will be housed at Flint Police headquarters and be partnered with Flint police detectives.

â??This is part of the governor's overall effort to increase state police resources in the Secure Cities Partnership. This is a part of what we're doing in addition to uniform patrols that we have in the city of Flint, doing proactive policing, now we're going to help with the detectives in the reactive policing,â?? First Lt. Bolger said.