Flint police mull charges after death of toddler at Evergreen Regency

Neighbors at Evergreen Regency Apartments are shocked to hear about the death of another toddler.

â??It's a kid,â?? says David Spinks. â??Itâ??s wrong,â?? adds the Evergreen Regency neighbor.

â??Itâ??s a baby, like you said, it's sad, it's hurtful for people to go through some stuff like that,â?? says Ryan Threkeld, who also lives at Evergreen Regency.

Flint police responded to Dunn Court Friday night, finding the toddler's mother performing C.P.R.

â??The death has been ruled a homicide,â?? says Captain T.P. Johnson of the Flint police department. â??We have two people of interest in custody,â?? he adds.

Those two people are the child's mother and her current mother-in-law who is not the biological grandmother.

â??Itâ??s sad what's going on in this community, it's messed up,â?? says Threkeld.

Flint police say the little boy is a twin. His twin died in September of respiratory issues.

â??We will be talking with the medical examiner and the prosecutor's office to make sure they are aware of this,â?? says James Tolbert, chief of Flint police.

Officials say it's up to the Genesee County prosecutor to reinvestigate the September death.

Meantime, police are mulling charges for Fridayâ??s tragedy while the community at Evegreen continues to mourn.

â??I don't care where youâ??re from, there's a right and wrong,â?? says Sara Harvey who works at Evergreen Regency as a home therapist.

Flint police say the child died of fatal injuries which they described as some of the worst theyâ??ve ever seen.