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      Flint police target minors with new curfew

      There's no child's play this Fourth of July in Flint.

      ??Know where your children are,?? says Flint??s police chief James Tolbert. He??s enforcing a 6pm to 6am curfew for unsupervised kids at the city's special events this summer.

      ??Something as small as a group of kids running rampantly through a crowded area has caused concern,?? says Tolbert.

      Violators will spend some time at police headquarters. Parents will receive a citation and $250 fine.

      ??Supervise your children and there should be no issue,?? says Tolbert.

      But some neighbors are taking issue with the curfew saying it's unfair to responsible children.

      ??At 6 pm, it's not even dark yet,?? says Zach Jarvis.

      ??With the state of the city, I don't know how safe it is, we have to get a leash on our kids,?? says a Flint resident who identified herself as Carol.

      ??It seems appalling,?? says Jarvis. ??Doesn't seem very free if you can't go outside just because you're under 18,?? he adds.

      The American Civil Liberties Union agrees.

      ??It's a little ironic that on the fourth of July that young people are precluded from entering an area for no other reason than their age,?? says Michael Steinberg, legal director for The American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan.

      ??It??s a catch 22,?? says Carol. ??I won't say it's wrong and I won't say it's right.??

      Detroit has a similar ordinance but it pertains to the entire city. The American Civil Liberties Union says it violates the rights of young people and their parents. As for Flint, the union is taking a closer look at the ordinance.

      It goes into effect Thursday at the city's fireworks celebration.