Flint police use newly-issued Taser guns to make two arrests

The City of Flint police were recently trained on the use of the Taser X2 stun gun. This training came in handy as they were used at least twice this past weekend.

The first incident took place at the McDonald's located on the 1800 block of Dort Highway near Lapeer Road. Flint police said they responded to a strong-arm robbery report on Saturday night at 11:26pm. The suspect resisted arrest. However, the arrest was made when a responding officer used the stun gun on the suspect. The suspect in the robbery was taken to the Flint City Jail.

On Sunday the Flint police said they again used the Taser in order to stop a home invasion. At 3:14 in the morning, a Flint police officer responded to the home invasion call on Park Forest Drive. When the suspect resisted, the officer used the Taser. This suspect was also arrested and placed in the Flint City Jail.