Flint posts entire monthly budget online. Where do you think they can cut?

The City of Flint is posting the monthly budget totals for all to see. On the City Council website, Chairman Joshua Freeman says the group made the decision to openly post the totals in order to keep the citizens informed.

Just beginning the third month of the year, the city already sees major deficits building in areas such as the general property tax and ambulance funds. Currently, the city is $17 million dollars in the red.

City unions and employees have been feeling the pinch as Mayor Dayne Walling works to reduce the deficit. Cuts from the Police Department, Fire Departments, and other public services have left residents wondering how the city can reach a budget that solve the financial issue while still keeping the streets safe.

Freeman states, |I am committed to an open process when it comes to spending our limited tax dollars. This access is a first for the residents. He also invites citizens to email him questions or call the City Council Office at (810) 766-7418.

*After reviewing the budgets, do you have any ideas for the Flint City Council on areas they could cut spending? If so, leave us your comments below.