Flint prepares for new leadership

Flint residents will see new leadership overseeing of the city's finances beginning this Summer.

Emergency Manager, Ed Kurtz, announced his last day controlling the city's finances will be June 30.

"That day is firm. I will give treasury notice on the first of June. I have to give 30 day notice," says Kurtz.

It means change for Flint.

"The city's assumption is when Mr. Kurtz leaves, that state will simply appoint someone else," said Flint Public Information Officer, Jason Lorenz.

Under the newly-passed Emergency Manager law--city council can have a voice in helping to solve Flint's money problems by choosing one of several options; bancruptcy, appointing a new emergency manager, consent agreement or mediation.

Flint mayor, Dayne Walling and council members have also proposed a "transitional advisory board."

They hope to provide the state with a plan in the near future.

"We're shooting for between now and the end of this calendar year," says Council President, Scott Kinkaid.

The decision is riding on some other proposed changes.

City leaders want to establish a mayor-appointed finance director in the city's finance department.

"That person would serve beyond term of mayor if they wanted to," said Kinkaid.

"We need that kind of continuity that we don't change finance people every time the administration changes," said Kurtz.

As the city prepares to enter a new chapter of change, Kurtz is still working to change Flint for the good.

"He just wants to leave the city in a better shape than he found it," said Lorenz.