Flint prepares for New Year's Eve

You can find Kim Buchler bartending at Blackstone's in Flint. She brings to the restaurant 17 years of experience and said she is ready for what New Year's has to bring.

"I'm not expecting too much to get out of hand but were prepared if we do," said Buchler.

The National Highway Safety Administration said one in three people will be involved in an alcohol related crash.

So to keep her customers from becoming a statistic, Buchler keeps a close eye on those who have had too much to drink.

"Usually I try to offer them food, offer appetizers another strategy is enlisting help of sober friends," said Buchler.

Michigan State Police is picking up what businesses can not handle, Monday night by stepping up their patrols.

"Definitely have a plan in place. If you know your going to be out with friends having a few drinks designate a driver before hand. The drinking isn't the problem it's the driving after drinking," said Trooper Carissa Horan of the Michigan State Police.